Purpose of the Centre

  • The Centre aims at promoting and strengthening historical and archaeological investigations on the
  • Adriatic in ancient times, both nationally and internationally, by developing, supporting and achieving
  • joint research, training, enhancement and management programs and projects related to the specific
  • theme of the “AdriAtlas” project, anchored to a horizon extended from Prehistory to the Early Middle
  • Ages and calibrated also on an open look to the entire Mediterranean basin.
  • In particular, the Centre intends to:
  • a) develop scientific research projects on the topics of reference;
  • b) take care of the publication of scientific studies in the sector, by fostering an open access approach;
  • c) create the digital and geo-localized catalog of the archaeological sites in the Adriatic area;
  • d) carry out projects aimed at the enhancement, management and urban and territorial planning of the historical-archaeological heritage of the Adriatic area, with particular attention to the application of ICT;
  • e) contribute to the preservation of the historical-archaeological heritage of the Adriatic space through the creation and diffusion of specific researches with reference also to a global approach to landscape archaeology;
  • f) develop projects and programs aimed at the development of public archaeology by strengthening the propensity of the individual Units to open up to the socio-economic context, through the exploitation and transfer of knowledge (‘third mission and public engagement’);
  • g) organize seminars, conferences and exhibitions on the topics of reference;
    h) carry out training projects and programs with particular attention to the III level education [PhD, master], to higher education and to lifelong learning;
  • i) participate in national and international calls and research projects, only through the partner Universities, Centres, and Research Institutes and in relation to the actual contribution that each Unit will make available for the projects.